new1.gif (33×16)SR Rules in Telugu

new1.gif (33×16)Replacing the existing service book with ESR vide Go.Ms.No:99 dt.27.06.2018

new1.gif (33×16)EHS inclusion of data of aided staff called by Dr.YSR Aarogysri Health card trust

new1.gif (33×16)EHS inclusion of data of aided staff called by Director of School Education, AP

new1.gif (33×16)List of Private Hospitals regarding Covid-19

new1.gif (33×16)Not recover Non-Govt loans/Court attachments from pension benefits

new1.gif (33×16)Unlock 3.0 Guidelines dt.29.7.2020

new1.gif (33×16)Citizen charter -treasury schedule Vide Go.Ms.No:1982 dt,27.7.2020

new1.gif (33×16)Transfers under the same management vide Go Ms.No:104 dt.30.1.1978

new1.gif (33×16)Recruitment information called for Vide Rc.No,ESE02-17/88/2019/PS-I dt.15.5.2019

new1.gif (33×16)HMs to be felicitated who got from 90 to 100% results in class X, March 2016

new1.gif (33×16) Flag fund New account of AP  vide Go.Ms.No:128 dt.28.11.2016 

new1.gif (33×16)DA Ready Reckoner @ 12.052% w.e.f 1.1.215

new1.gif (33×16)Holiday on 25.9.2015 regarding Bhakrid vide GO No:2877 dt.21.9.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Deletion of syllabus vide Rc.No:279 SCERT dt.22.8.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Settlement of 60 years gap period of aided staff vide Go.No.31 dt.10.7.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Revised work load and time table vide Rc.No:279 dt.9.7.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Academic calender 2015-16

new1.gif (33×16)Uniforms to pupils studying in aided schools vide Memo No:181 dt.30.6.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Regarding Schools reopening day Vide Rc.No.82

new1.gif (33×16)General holiday on 16.1.2015 instead of O.H vide GO.Rt.No.68 dt.7.1.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Govt.Communicated act 1 of 2015 vide Memo No.11738 dt.9.1.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Regarding 60 years of aided employees Act 1 of 2015 dt.3.1.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Regarding 60 years of aided employees vide Go.Ms.No.1 dt.3.1.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Examination reforms for class IX & X vide GO No:29 dt.23.9.2014

new1.gif (33×16)New timings for High Schools 2014-15

new1.gif (33×16)Promotions & rationalization in aided schools vide GO.Ms.40 dt.18.6.2013

new1.gif (33×16)Clarification on applicability on retirement age upto 60 Yrs Vide Memo No:4179

new1.gif (33×16)Enhancement of retirement age up to 60 years Act No:4 of 2014

new1.gif (33×16)Regulation of age of retirement amendment act-2014 vide Go.No.63 dt.27.6.2014

new1.gif (33×16)Retirement age up to 60 years vide Go Ms No.147 Fin. dt.30.06.2014

new1.gif (33×16)Ban lifted on aided posts vide GO Ms.No.40 SE Dept dt.30.6.2017

new1.gif (33×16)20% IR on Revised Scales of Pay-2015 vide GO Ms No:21  dt.18.2.2019

new1.gif (33×16) 27 % IR on Revised Scales  of Pay- 2015 vide GO Ms No.60  dt.06-07-2019.

new1.gif (33×16)Settlement of interregnum period from 58 to 60 years vide Go.Ms.No:31 dt.10.07.2015

new1.gif (33×16)Income certificate/Rice card by Revenue authorities Vide Go.Ms.No:205 dt.25.7.2020

new1.gif (33×16)Cancellation of Go.Ms.No.205 dt.25.7.2020 regarding issue of income certificate

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